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THIS JUST IN (21 Dec.,2023) -From We are proud to announce our newest venture, the Puerto Aventuras International Film Festival, founded by Moe Taylor and Dewey Paul Moffitt.

The Puerto Aventuras International Film Festival Is an IMDb qualifying live event taking place in beautiful Peurto Aventuras, Mexico, with four days of celebration across multiple venues. 

Home - PAIFF - Tulum - Playa del Carmen - Cancun - Cozumel - Riviera Maya - Mexico (

Puerto Aventuras International Film Festival - FilmFreeway   (Submissions)

The inaugural Puerto Aventuras International Film Festival (PAIFF) seeks to celebrate the art of cinema by showcasing a diverse range of films from around the globe.  Puerto Aventuras, Mexico, is an ideal location for an international film festival due to its stunning natural beauty and modern amenities. Nestled on the Caribbean coast of the Yucatán Peninsula, it boasts pristine beaches and crystal-clear waters,  providing a picturesque backdrop for any event. The area's luxurious resorts and villas offer top-notch accommodations and venues, suitable for screenings, galas, and networking events. Check it out in the news!!! 

Moe Taylor and Dewey Paul Moffitt Announce the Puerto Aventuras International Film Festival's Inaugural Gala, April 2024 (

BrainDagger Films and Dewey Paul Films Announce Launch of The Puerto Aventuras International Film Festival | Kalkine Media



(20 Nov., 2023)  'Koh Phangan Man' film has been honored to win and receive 'Excellent Short Documentary' award in the 10th San Francisco International New Concept Film Festival. 



(25 Oct., 2023) 'Koh Phangan Man' film world premier screenings announced... San Francisco, CA - SF International New Concepts Film Festival (Nov. 15-19, exact date time TBA); Big Sur, CA -private friends & family screening (Nov. 18); Denver, CO - Oriental Theater (Nov. 26). Koh Phangan, Thailand (Dec. 21, 2023). Please visit the film page on Facebook for more event information details:


(30 Aug., 2023) Planet Cinema reviews 'Koh Phangan Man' film and nominates for BEST DOCUMENTARY DIRECTING...
"...a celebration of community and human connection, driven by Moffitt’s deft direction and cinematography."
"The resulting film stands as a testament to Moffitt’s ability to adapt, seize opportunities, and tell stories that matter."
“Koh Phangan Man” is an inspiring testament to Moffitt's undeniable talent. It artfully combines his unique experiences and artistic prowess to create an unforgettable cinematic experience. His unwavering dedication to his craft, vividly captured in this film, stands as an inspiration for all aspiring artists."

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Creating art and chaos, one masterpiece at a time.

Dewey Paul Moffitt

a.k.a. Dewey Paul, - a true master of the arts and a restless spirit who has spent a lifetime exploring and creating. Whether he is rocking the stage at a music festival, directing a documentary film, or writing his next book, Dewey is always on the move, driven by a passion for creativity and a thirst for new experiences.



Photo by R.D. Cane

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Photo by Chantel Morin

As a multi-talented award-winning artist, Dewey Paul has left his mark on the entertainment industry in a variety of ways. He has produced and managed music festivals and concerts, toured internationally as a musician, and even authored a memoir chronicling his adventures in the psychedelic music scene. As a skilled videographer and video editor, he brings his artistic vision to life, capturing the beauty of his surroundings and the energy of his subjects.



Photo by Victoria Zagorodnikova

Beyond his professional achievements, Dewey is a true renaissance man, embracing a taoistic lifestyle that encompasses the four noble truths of Buddhism and the Four Agreements of Toltec wisdom. He finds balance and inspiration through kayaking, fitness, swimming, and photography. And of course, music is never far from his mind - whether he's playing, composing, producing, or teaching.

Dewey's latest adventures have taken him to the digital nomad life in Mexico, where he's been exploring and filming the vibrant communities of the Riviera Maya. From his nomadic lifestyle to his creative pursuits, Dewey's story is one of adventure, passion, and endless possibility. Explore the links here to discover the many facets of this extraordinary artist and to be inspired by his creative vision.



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Dewey Paul Moffitt is an entertainment industry professional with a passion for creativity and innovation. With a lifetime of experience in production management, audio engineering, and concert promotion, Dewey has a proven track record of success in the music industry..


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