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Dewey Paul Moffitt

Dewey Paul Moffitt (born August 28, 1971) is an American musician, author, and filmmaker.

An in-depth wiki style bio:
1 Early Life
2 Ancestry
3 Professional Career
      3.1 The Eighties
      3.2 The Nineties
      3.3 The Two Thousands and recent years
4 Musician
      4.1 Early years
      4.2 Dewey Decibel System, Dewey Paul Band & side projects
5 Publications and film productions
6 Personal life

Early Life

Early Life

Dewey Paul Moffitt was born in the Untied States town of Zanesville, Ohio but raised in his hometown of Coshocton, Ohio from 1971 to 1983. He is named after his father Dewey Wesley Moffitt (1934–2005) and grandfather Paul Hammond Moffitt (1909–1969). At the age of 11, his mother and he relocated to Greenacres, Florida for a brief time before ultimately settling in Boca Raton, Florida. He was a student of Boca Raton Middle School and then Boca Raton Community High School through his graduation year of 1989. During his 10th grade school year, he returned to Ohio and attended Coshocton High School. Other schools he attended include the University of Florida (Gainesville, Florida), Central School (Coshocton, Ohio), Sycamore Elementary (Coshocton, Ohio) and Washington Elementary (Coshocton, Ohio).


Moffitt's paternal blood lineage is of Scottish-Irish and German decent. His 2x great-grandfather American Civil War veteran George Moffitt (1838–1913) immigrated from Dublin, Ireland to Coshocton, Ohio in 1856. George's father Thomas Moffitt (1810–1840) was an officer in the British Royal Horse Artillery and died of Cholera while in service of the British Army in Ceylon, India (now Sri Lanka). Wife to Thomas was Eleanor (Riddle) Moffitt (1812–1886), whom was born in County Monaghan, Ireland and was pregnant with their fourth child when Thomas died. She gave birth at sea on the return voyage from India to Ireland in 1840. Eleanor died in Coshocton, Ohio in 1886. 


Most notably, his 4x great-grandfather John Moffitt (circa 1780s–1800s) was instrumental in aiding the Duke of Wellington on the battlefield at the 1815 Battle of Waterloo to defeat the French Army led by Napoleon Bonaparte for which he received a distinguished medal in addition to a medal he received for the1805 Battle of Trafalgar. Also noteworthy in this lineage is his 3rd great-uncle John Moffitt (1836–1901), George's brother, whom was a Montana pioneer that traveled alongside the legendary mountaineer Jim Bridger (1804–1881). John was a Freemason, Knights Templar, an early postmaster in Virgina City, Montana, an American Civil War veteran, and discovered gold outside of Helena, Montana of which he was one of the town's first settlers. 

Moffitt's maternal blood lineage links back to royal kings and queens of Europe through the House of Plantagenet, of which an estimated thirty percent of Americans are descended from. This heredity is connected through his 4x great-grandmother Sarah Ogle (1800 Virginia–1877 Coshocton, Ohio). 


Notables in this maternal ancestry line are:

Hugh Capet (c.939–996), 34th great-grandfather, King of France

Adelaide of Aquitane (c.945–1006), 34th great-grandmother, Queen of France

Robert II, The Pious, Capet (972–1031), 33rd great-grandfather, King of France

Princess Constance True Arles (985–1034), 33rd great-grandmother, Queen of France

Henry I Capet (1008–1060), 32nd great-grandfather, King of France

*Anne of Kiev Yaroslavna Rurik (1024–1077), 32nd great-grandmother, Queen of France

William I, "William the Conqueror" "William the Bastard" (1024-1087), 30th great-grandfather, King of England

Matilda Flanders (1031–1083), 30th great-grandmother, Queen of England

Philip I, the Amourous, Capet (1053–1108), 31st great-grandfather, King of France

Bertha of Holland (1054–1094), 31st great-grandmother, Queen of France

Louis VII, the Young, Capet (1119–1180), 29th great-grandfather, King of France

Adele DeBlois de Champagne (1140–1206), 29th great-grandmother), Queen of France

Henry I Beauclerc (1068–1135), 29th great-grandfather, King of England

Matilda Atheling Princess of Scotland (1079–1118), 29th great-grandmother, Queen of England, Duchess of Normandy

Philip II Augustus Capet (1165–1223), 28th great-grandfather, King of France

Isabelle De Hainault (1170–1190), 28th great-grandmother, Queen of France 

Henry II Plantagenet (1133–1189), 27th great-grandfather, King of England

Eleanor Of Aquitaine (1122–1204), 27th great-grandmother, Queen of France, Queen of England, Duchess of Aquitaine

Louis VIII, the Lion, Capet (1187–1226), 27th great-grandfather, King of France

Blanche Alphonsa of Castile (1188–1252), 27th great-grandmother, Queen of France

John Lackland Plantagenet (1167–1216), 26th great-grandfather, King John, King of England

Isabella Angouleme (1188–1246), 26th great-grandmother, Queen of England

Saint Louis IX Capet (1215–1270), 26th great-grandfather, King of France

Marguerite de Provence (1221–1295), 26th great-grandmother, Queen of France

Henry III (1207–1272), 25th great-grandfather, King of England, Lord of Ireland, Duke of Aquitaine

Eleanore de Provence (1223–1291), 25th great-grandmother, Queen of England

Philip the Bold III (1245–1285), 25th great-grandfather, King of France

Isabella de Aragon (1247–1271), 25th great-grandmother, Queen of France

Alice, (Capet Countess of) de Courtenay (1160–1218), 24th great-grandmother, Countess of Courtenay

Isabella (Countess of Angouleme) De Taillefer (1186–1246), 24th great-aunt, Queen of England

Edward I Longshanks (1239–1307), 24th great-grandfather, King of England

Princess Marguerite de France (1282–1317), 24th great-grandmother, Queen of England

*Another interesting branch from Queen Anne of Kiev reveals royal Slavic, Swedish and Viking heredity:

Sviatoslav I Igorevich (943–972), 36th great-grandfather, Grand Prince of Kiev

Rogvolod (c. 920 – 978), 35th great-grandfather, first prince of Polotsk

Eric the Victorious (c. 945 – c. 995), 35th great-grandfather, first King of Sweden

Sigrid the Haughty, 35th great-grandmother, Queen of Sweden

Vladimir Sviatoslavich, the Great (958–1015), 34th great-grandfather, Grand Prince of Kiev, Prince of Novgorod

Rogneda of Polotsk (962–1002), 34th great-grandmother 

Olof Skötkonung (c. 980–1022). 34th great-grandfather, King of Sweden

Estrid of the Obotrites (c. 979 – 1035), 34th great-grandmother, Queen of Sweden , West Slavic princess

Yaroslav I, the Wise / Iaroslav the Wise' (c.978–1054), 33rd great-grandfather, Grand Prince of Kiev, Prince of Novgorod

Ingegerd Olofsdotter of Sweden, Irene, Saint Anna (1001–1050), 33rd great-grandmother, Grand Princess of Kiev


Professional Career

The Eighties

During the 1980s and into 1990, Moffitt worked management positions at several music stores and record shops. His first job was at Great American Sound, a record and compact disc store located inside the old Boca Mall. Following that he worked for the Miami based music store chain Q Records & Video, which had several locations throughout the South Florida region. In 1989 and into 1990 he worked for Peaches Records & Tapes in Pompano Beach, Florida. At Peaches, Moffitt worked alongside friend and musician Brian Warner, and designed a flyer for one of Warner's first gigs as Marilyn Manson & The Spooky Kids.

Professional Career
The Eighties
The Nineties

In 1991, Moffitt began working for San Francisco concert impresario Bill Graham. During this time, he worked mostly in the ambience department of Graham's company, Bill Graham Presents (BGP), setting up the backstage dressing rooms at mostly Grateful Dead concerts. Additionally he worked as a stagehand at many Bay Area concerts promoted by BGP.

The Nineties

From 1993 through 1997, Moffitt became an integral part of the college music scene located in and around Gainesville, Florida and Alachua County. As a promoter and director with the Gainesville Music Alliance (GAMA), he was directly involved with producing many music festivals in the area, artist booking, band management, talent buying, and sound engineering. A few notable artists that he worked closely with include The Allman Brothers BandGeorge Clinton & The P-Funk Allstars, Widespread Panic, Sister Hazel, and Less Than Jake

In 1997, Moffitt relocated to New Orleans, Louisiana and worked at the world famous House of Blues.

Moffitt spent the spring and summer of 1998 working on the road with the concert production company StagePro based out of Lawrence, Kansas

By the fall of 1998, Moffitt moved to Denver, Colorado and began working as a production manager and house sound engineer at the Bluebird Theatre, Ogden Theatre, and Gothic Theatre.

The Two Thousands and recent years

By the early 2000s, Moffitt became festival director for the annual AT&T Lodo Music Festivals, and Denver's Blues & Bones Festivals. Following that he worked as a lead audio engineer for Stan Kroenke's Kroenke Sports & Entertainment (KSE) at Denver's Pepsi Center Arena, which is home to the professional sports teams Denver Nuggets and Colorado Avalanche. Additionally he became a partner in a north Denver independent music venue, the Oriental Theatre

Recent Years

From 2007 through 2020, Moffitt has been the marketing director, talent buyer, production manager, and sound engineer for the Keystone, Colorado bar and music venue Goat Soup & Whiskey Tavern


Early years

Moffitt first started learning music on the keyboard in an elementary school music class. His father bought him his first guitar at the age of 9. He took his first guitar lessons at Glass Music Store on Main Street in his small hometown of Coshocton, Ohio.


In the early Nineties, he was a member of the Bay Area band Mulligan Stew based out of Oakland, California alongside guitarist Gordon Frasier of the famed punk rock band MDC. During the summer of 1995, he recorded his first professional studio recordings of his own original material at Mirror Image Studios in Gainesville, Florida. The recordings were originally released as Dewey and Friends but later rereleased under the name Dewey Decibel System. During this time in Gainesville, he was a founding member of the jam band Beginner's Mind with Chet Honeycutt, Steven Carillo, and Terry Hinkle.

Dewey Decibel System, Dewey Paul Band & side projects

Moffitt officially launched the live performing garage-style rock band, Dewey Decibel System, in May of 2000 with a show at Denver, Colorado's Bluebird Theatre. Founding members included Moffitt on guitar with Gordon Strasenburg on bass and Scott Bruggeman on drums, with the latter two members being of the Denver punk band the Garden Weasels. Dewey Decibel System performed hundreds of shows at bars and music venues around the state of Colorado between 2000 and 2007. Sometime around 2007, Moffitt began performing under the name Dewey Paul Band.

Between the two bands, Moffitt managed to independently release ten original albums. In addition to his deep catalog of original songs, Moffitt has been known to release a few cover songs (Nick Lowe, Jackson Browne, Bob Dylan, and Van Morrison among them). Most notably was 2011's "Dewey Paul Presents CALE: A Tribute to J.J. Cale". The CD features Moffitt performing all the instruments himself on a 16-song solo tribute album. It is the world's first and only of its kind to legendary Tulsa blues musician J.J. Cale (After Midnight, They Call Me the Breeze, Cocaine, etcetera). The project was also completely funded by fans through the crowdsourcing website PledgeMusic (London, UK).

Moffitt's main musical side project is the cover band Garcia Van Dylan, which covers the material of Jerry Garcia, Van Morrison, and Bob Dylan.

Recent summers have found Moffitt touring and performing in Europe with The International Bob Dylan Tribute Festival, an all-star event he founded and launched in 2006 and one which he continues to organize and produce annually. Although the event began in Denver, Colorado, the touring version of the show has successfully been hosted in major U.S. markets as well as in Ireland, Scotland, and England and has featured many renowned performers such as Robbie Fulks, Madeleine Peyroux, Melvin Seals, and Jerry Joseph to name a few.​

Since 2005, Moffitt annually performs in an all-star Colorado reenactment of The Band's famous Last Waltz concert which is held during Thanksgiving week at Denver’s Fillmore Auditorium and at The Boulder Theater. The concert features the finest regional performers Colorado has to offer and also serves as a benefit for the Denver Rescue Mission, providing assistance for homeless persons in the region.

Between 1989 and 1992, Moffitt self-published an underground zine, Inspiration, which focused on environmental issues, grassroots organizing, and bohemian networking at Rainbow Family Gatherings and Grateful Dead shows.

In 2014, Moffitt released a memoir titled Bohemian Ghosts: A Memoir. The book recounts the authors many adventures in the psychedelic Grateful Dead and jam band scene. From his Deadhead parking lot days to working backstage, the chronicle examines how that wild counter-culture world impacted his early adult years and allowed him to discover his passion for the concert industry. A portion of the book discusses the authors experiences living in a bizarre artist commune in Oakland, California that has become the subject of his current 2019 documentary film project, Surviving The Paradigm.

Publications and film productions

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